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Chiropody and Podiatry Services
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Walkwel Clinic has been established since 1990 and have surgeries in Letchworth and at our brand new premises in the Westgate Shopping Mall in Stevenage where we offer professional advice and provide specialist treatment for a wide range of common foot problems such as:

We also stock a wide range of specialist footwear products (see Product page for more details).




Sangeeta Dhall
M.Ch.S.,SRCh. DPodM.
State Registered
Chiropodist & Podiatrist

We are HPC and BUPA registered

Podiatrist number CH09639

New Laser Fungal Nail Treatment and Shoe Sanitiser at Walkwel!

Walkwel Clinic are excited to announce that we are one of only a couple of Podiatrists, and the only one in the North of the County to be able to offer Laser Treatment for Fungal Nail Infections. 

The Lunula Laser is a revolutionary low level laser therapy offering hope to the many people suffering from onychomycosis, and clinical trials show an improvement in 97% of patients. 

This laser is safe and effective, and unllike other laser treatments, it is painless as there is no temperature change in the area treated. 

The technology works by using two different laser wavelengths, which tackle fungal nail infections in three ways: 

1. They attack the fungus by activating a photochemical reaction causing fungal cell death in the nail; nail bed; and surrounding areas.

2. They stimulate the immune sytem at the infected site to promote your body's own natural defence mechanisms.

3. They promote blood vessel formation through a process called angiogenesis, thus increasing healthy nail growth. 

All the toes can be treated at the same time during the 24 minute treatment (12 minutes for each foot), unlike traditional lasers where each toe is treated seperately. 

Generally a course of four treatments is recommended, but this can be discussed with the Podiatrist at the initial consultation. 

Please contact the clinic to discuss our treatment plan and book a consultation.


Klenz Shoe Sanitizer

We are also installing a Klenz shoe and footwear sanitizer for the use of patients and general customers. 

This coin operated machine has an incredibly strong antifungal, antibacterial and deodorising effect - heavily reducing the risk of infection, prolonging the life of the shoe, and completely neutralising odour - all in an 8 minute cycle. 

The machine uses Nano Silver Technology by splitting the silver into nano sized particles and combining it with ozone to completely eradicate the pathogens in and on your shoes. 

So why not drop your shoes into us, and we'll put them in the sanitizer for you whilst you do your shopping, or go for a coffee - and they'll be ready to collect on your return.